While no company can make EVERYONE happy, BathPlanet does a great job making 98.4% customers happy. (Take 40 complaints and divide that by 25,000 jobs completed in 2015 alone to get .0016%for total of upset customers/competitors fake complaints) Please visit GuildQuality.com to see customer reviews taken by a neutral, 3rd party company for honest reviews, as opposed to sites that allow competitors to post bogus complaints.

For any real customers that have posted on here, please contact BathPlanet.com and share your concern with us, and we will be happy to address your concerns. Also, please note that out of 230+ locations, the complaints you see here, may not represent your local dealer.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Bath Planet Pros: Product line.

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Bath Planet bribes their customers with a $200 credit for reviews which "they will determine which reviews are published". A bit like the fox guarding the hen house.

Do not believe this self advertising. Company is a scam and they do sub standard work with cheap materials for over inflated prices. They do not deliver on their salesmen promise of how the demo and install goes-all to make a buck.

Snake oil salesmen who want you to believe the reviews where they control content. Total garbage.


Wow, if a company has so many complaints one would think that if you would like to stay in business for more than a few years resolving the issues would be a priority. Theses complaints are nationwide! Have decided not to gamble with your company!


Or, if your company was confident in your product and installation quality, show up for your sales calls with a customer list of all 25,000 jobs you installed in 2015 and allow your potential customers to call one of them and ask for feedback. I used Bath Fitter and that was exactly what our sales rep did.

We talked to a neighbor on our own street that had used that company 9 years earlier and they were elated to tell us how great Bath Fitter was.

Plus no seams in the wall seems to make more sense since it is the seams that are so hard to clean and get moldy. I had Bath Planet out as well and even though their price was lower by $300 I still chose Bath Fitter because those seams are too hard to clean when they are just caulked like Bath Planet does.


BathPlanet actually offers customers to speak to all previous customers. Every previous customer is called by Guild Quality, a neutral, third party company that takes a survey of each customers input after every install.

Unlike BathFitter who ONLY makes their happy customers available to speak to.

BathPlanet also offers the seamless wall that BF offers, but most customers choose to go with the 3 piece surround so they can have something other than white or tan as options.

Comparing the systems side by side, the one piece wall actually has MORE silicone than the 3 piece, as the one piece has multiple trim pieces added and siliconed.

As a testament to these statements, there's a reason why BathPlanet carries the Good Housekeeping Seal and no other company has been able to earn it.

We are glad you are happy with your purchase, but please have facts to back up your statements.