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Bath Planet - Previous negative review was never posted??

The Bath Planet of Arkansas, LLC in Hot Springs, AR has not returned my deposit of $749.30, they turned my account over for collections for over $6,700.00, even though they do not have a legally signed contract, and no work was ever done. After dealing with the BBB of Little Rock, AR, this company stated they would not continue trying to collect any monies from me (at that writing they were looking to collect over $3,000.00) but would not return my deposit. But, I have received a collection notice for over $6,700.00 from ECC and Associates trying to collect the $6,700.00. There is no valid contract between Bath Planet and myself. The reverse side of the Purchase Agreement which contains the Terms and Conditions was never disclosed nor discussed with me. During the presentation by their salesman, it was never disclosed how their installation was handled, i.e. having to order a shower door after installation of the shower base. None of the items listed on the reverse page were discussed. NOR IS MY SIGNATURE ON THIS PAGE ACCEPTING THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I have obtained a copy of the Purchase Agreement which Bath Planet sent to my credit card company when I disputed the charge for the down payment. Under the Miscellaneous section, they have added wording that is not on my copy. The salesman completed the front page, indicating the items being ordered, and I signed for the credit card information. Cris said my signature was needed for when I actually gave this information to Carla for the down payment. I also signed the Right of Rescission. Bath Planet's response when I turned this into the BBB of Little Rock, AR to no signature on the back page, "It is standard to review all sides of any document before "you" place "your" signature. It is also customary to have the customer sign either side. It is not specific which side must be signed to create a binding contract". Meaning I, the customer, am responsible for making sure I turn over every piece of paper to determine where my signature is required. Also, they are stating a signature on the front is acknowledging all of the information on the back page, even though there is clearly a signature line just below the statement "I understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed above". FOR A BUSINESS, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IGNORANT STATEMENTS THAT COULD BE MADE. There are Federal Consumer Laws which govern disclosures of any and all documents as well as what constitutes a binding contract. If this page had been properly disclosed and discussed with me, I would not have continued dealing with Bath Planet. There is no valid contract, Bath Planet has stated there is no balance owed in their final response thru the BBB, therefore they need to refund the deposit. They also need to pull this account from collections, should this be reported on my credit then they will be sued for much more than my deposit of $749.30. The BBB suggested if I want to continue pursuing this matter that I consult an attorney, or go through small claims court. Since my time is every bit important as the Company's, should I obtain an attorney, they will have a larger bill paying for my attorney.
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