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Thank you for writing Bath Planet to let us know about your concerns. We understand that our products are not for everyone, however our high tech polymer is a non-porous material, which means unlike tile and grout it doesn't have any holes in it where mold, mildew, dirt, soap scum, human skin cells, and gunk, won't get stuck, causing you to have to use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals to clean. With our products you only have to use warm soapy water and a sponge or washcloth and it will cut your cleaning time in half. We are sorry we couldn't earn your business despite the value. Our dealers pride themselves on providing the best products and customer service in the bath remodeling industry. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Unfortunately, your review came to us as “anonymous” without any of your contact information so we are unable to contact you to remedy this situation. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Jenny Carstensen for further assistance.
Kennewick, Washington

The sales person was high pressure. They used this contest at the home show to get my name and number said I had won a 1000 off but it was all a scam to sell me a 6000.00 shower surround of plastic.

I can do tile for less then that price. The sales person was in my house for almost 2 hours and would not leave. I caught the sales guy in several lies, he said they were local but when I looked it up the were from a different city. I don't remember where maybe Seattle or Spokane.

These companies are filth and like used car sales people. High pressure for ***.

Bath Planet Cons: Sales.

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Of course you can do tile for less you ***. I can make a frozen pizza for less then getting it delivered.


This site is not credible information. I found out that BathPlanet Spokane/Tri cities has a 3rd party independent non bias company that calls the customer after installation to get real customer reviews, then posts them accurately.

Its called Guild Quality they are used by some of the biggest company's in the country. After review I found out that the BathPlanet in the Spokane and Tri Cities area has an impeccable reputation with the BBB and Guild Quality. Out of 67 reviews they had no negative information listed. Do your research, if not with Guild Quality then BBB, I recommend both, on BBB I found they have 9 reviews on the BBB site 8 positive and 1 neutral, zero negative.

Like I said do your research. I did and found out the exact opposite of what has been listed on this pissed consumers site.


This is a ridiculous complaint. Any company that doesn't try to sell a job to a homeowner won't be in business too long.

This site is for pissed off customers and if you didn't purchase anything than you aren't a customer.

I do not work at Bath Planet and do not meddle in their affairs but if the only complaint about this company is sales tactics they can't be too bad. Good Night

@Non Bath Planet Employee

Yeah. Sales tactics do matter.

This company did the same thing to me.

Be prepared for high pressure. About 2 hours in the home trying to close the deal on first visit.


Did not do the work as outlined in the contract