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Thank you for writing Bath Planet to let us know about your concerns regarding the product. We believe our product is more maintenance free than tile and grout because our high tech polymer is non-porous where it doesn't have any holes in it that mold, mildew, dirt, soap scum, human skin cells, hair, and gunk would get stuck. This is also the reason why people have to use harsh chemicals when cleaning tile and grout. Our dealers pride themselves on providing the best products and customer service in the bath remodeling industry. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Unfortunately, your review came to us as “anonymous” without any of your contact information so we are unable to contact you to remedy this situation. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Jenny Carstensen for further assistance.
Yakima, Washington
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This sales rep was very high pressure and the product looked like plastic ***. The price was higher then our tile quote.

I am not sure how they stay in business but if you want to waste 2.5hrs of your day then call this people and be prepared to no 20 PLUS time. Must have been in our house 1.5 hours after the first no we don't pay the same day.

They also won't tell you they are not local like they claimed they were at the Fair. I know now to buy from one of our local companies.

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$9000 lesson for me. This company's contract is very restrictive and its set you up for next level the moment you start engaging with them. I hope I forget these memories quickly and move on with my life


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