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Thank you for pointing out very credible review sources. This is why our dealers use Guild Quality and the BBB to survey customers who bought and had Bath Planet products installed.

This site is not credible information. I found out that BathPlanet Spokane/Tri cities has a 3rd party independent non bias company that calls the customer after installation to get real customer reviews, then posts them accurately.

Its called Guild Quality they are used by some of the biggest company's in the country. After review I found out that the BathPlanet in the Spokane and Tri Cities area has an impeccable reputation with the BBB and Guild Quality. Out of 67 reviews they had no negative information listed. Do your research, if not with Guild Quality then BBB, I recommend both, on BBB I found they have 9 reviews on the BBB site 8 positive and 1 neutral, zero negative.

Like I said do your research. I did and found out the exact opposite of what has been listed on this pissed consumers site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Planet Installation.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Riverside, California, United States #1063592

That's ignorant. These are posted by the buyers.

I've been dealing with these people for a month now and I'm finding the exact same ***.

Lots of promises but no follow through and they absolutely don't know what the term "communication" means when dealing with customers. Stand by, if and when this project ever gets finished, I'll have much more to say.

Renton, Washington, United States #924138

This sounds like the owner of the company posting this ***. Guild Quality reviews are a scam, they only give the name of customers they know are happy you ***.

You don't have them call your bad customer to get a review, you are an *** and probably named Charlie. Plastic pieces of ***


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