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We apologize that our request for all homeowners to attend the appointment offended you. We always ask homeowners a number of questions about the scope of their project and what they are trying to achieve to make sure that we are actually able to do the work they are requesting. We would hate to send a Design Consultant out to your home and waste your time if we couldn't do what you were looking for. The only reason we asked that all homeowners attend the appointment is because every one of our bath systems is custom made at our Corporate manufacturing facitily outside Chicago. In order for us to leave you an exact price to the penny in writing, the homeowners have to pick out the colors, styles, designs, accessories, and hardware. From going out on so many free in-home consultations, we know that a number of questions always arise from both homeowners and we want to be able to answer those so each party knows that if you decide to contract with us there are no surprises. Any time we earn someone's business we strive for 100% customer satisfaction from all homeowners, not just the person who attended the appointment. We are sorry that we couldn't earn your business, and will do a better job explaining this to customers in the future.
Charlotte, North Carolina
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I contacted Bath Planet today regarding a free estimate to have some work done on my bathroom. I was asked a series of questions regarding my home and then I was asked about my wife.

I stated my wife would not be available for any appointment because I'm the one that handles all repairs in my home. I was refused an estimate by Bath Planet because I would not set up a time for them to speak to my wife.

My wife is not the person who called nor does she handle any repairs in my home. It is a disservice to a customer when they can't get an estimate because I refuse to set up an appointment to let you speak with my wife.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Planet Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bath Planet Pros: Very sad.

Bath Planet Cons: Refused service for not including wife in estimate.

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In some states it's against the law to have an in-home sales visit without both parties there . Company is most likely just protecting their end and doesn't want to break the law


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