San Diego, California

Just to let everyone know, Bath Planet is a franchise organization. Not all BP franchises do bad work.

Most in fact do excellent work and stand behind every issue by coming back & making sure everything is perfectly acceptable to the customer before moving on. In southern California, my wife & I took over a BP franchise that had not been doing well and had numerous complaints and bad reviews. After we took over, we completely turned it around. It was a learning experience for both my wife & myself.

We even sent myself and several employees to Chicago for specific Bath Planet training on materials, tools and installation methods. After we began taking on work, we experienced some bumps in the roads along the way with some of our first installations, but we always came back and made sure our customers were 100% happy with the end results. We lost money. We made personnel changes.

We hired, fired and rehired until we had the best installers. We gave additional discounts to make up for the added time for return visits to fix any issues. In the end, we earned great reviews and now have countless happy customers.

I speak only for MY own BP franchise, and I know that BCI, the parent company would not allow poor franchise workmanship to continue without taking some kind of action against them. Thank you.

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