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Thank you for writing Bath Planet to let us know about your concerns. The only reason we ask that all homeowners attend the appointment is because every bath system we manufacture is custom made. You both have to pick out and agree on the colors, styles, design, accessories, and hardware. If you're not able to or you have to check with your spouse or significant other, we aren't able to leave a price to the penny in writing that we lock in. In our experience there are always a number of questions that each homeowner has and we want to make sure that any customer who contracts with us at any time understands the entire scope of the project. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction from all homeowners. Unfortunately, your review came to us as “anonymous” without any of your contact information so we are unable to contact you to remedy this situation. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Jenny Carstensen for further assistance.
Catalina Foothills, Arizona

Thank you for your prior reviews. Put my name in a raffle and Won "$1000 towards bath" but when scheduling the apt for the sale rep to come out the pressure started.

Will your husband be there? We have to have both of you there! Why would you need my husband here I asked? That's just our stranded.

So you can take advantage of what we offer. It cost us money and time to come out and we don't want to have to do that twice. For everyone involved it's just easier if he is there. When I explained that my husband does not wish to have anything to do with this stuff, She would not let it go.

Well she said I will have to check to see if that's ok and call you back.

That's when I Read reviews and said no thanks!

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As owner of Bath Planet of Arizona, high pressure is not the reason for wanting both homeowners present for design consultations. The reason is that in order to avoid potential problems with one homeowner ordering one style or color and then the homeowner that wasn't there, not liking it when we come to install and not allowing us to start the job, which has happened to us twice this year, I ask to have both homeowners present. It's not to pressure people, it's to try and run my company as efficiently as possible.


Same here very high pressure this contest is a big scam.