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Thank you for writing Bath Planet Corporate to let us know about your concerns regarding the lack of communication from our dealer. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Tammy for further assistance.

I, Karen Grace Cummings unfortunately, entered a contract with Bath Planet base on lies and deception. Bath Planet was the fifth company to come to my home to give me an estimate to replace my semi-frame glass shower door, to a no-frame clear glass shower door to my bathroom suite and add the same to my guest bathroom within the past two years.

The previous companies were honest and stated that they wouldn't be able to change my suite shower door to a clear no-frame shower door, because my shower door is attached to my whirlpool tub on one side and my vanity/sink on the other side. When the Bath Planet salesman and manager Kevin came to give me a estimate Kevin looked at my shower and stated that they could replace my shower door with a clear no-frame glass door. I was incredibly pleased to hear and surprised! I asked Kevin was he sure?

Kevin replied yes, we have been doing this for thirty years and have installed all kinds of shower doors and that is why they’re the best in the business, and has the Good House Keeping rating. Then he went on to speak about the shower walls, and frame around my tub, my husband and I thought that it would be nice to update too, but the main thing was the no-frame clear glass shower door is what we had been seeking to do for over two years. The first time the Bath Planet workers came was on March 4th, the shower base was too small, 40-In. and it should have been 42-In.

I happen to go upstairs to check on things and learned this from the workers, their boss Dennis had told them to build the walls out to fit the base. I was so very upset, the gall to make my shower 2-In. smaller to fit their smaller base. The floor base had been measured countless of times, by 4 different people, I thought to myself, OH NO!

I knew that I was in trouble and that Bath Planet was of no integrity. I spoke to Dennis the workers boss and I told him absolutely not, that they were allowed to make my shower smaller, he hung up on me. On March 16th, Dennis called and wanted to set a date for the workers to come back out, I asked Dennis about Kevin and he stated that" Kevin would be out for a while". The second time the workers came on the 24th, one of the workers stated to me that he had called Kevin and that Kevin stated "why are you calling me?

I don't work for Bath Planet anymore". I know that Dennis and Bath Planet both knew prior to installing the shower base and doing the walls and tub that they would not be able to install a 3/8-In. no-frame clear shower door stated in my contract. Bath Planet should have told me and given me the choice of going forward or voiding the contract because Dennis told me that Kevin had been fired for lying about the shower door.

On March 24th, a couple of hours after the workers left I received two emails which lead me to believe that they were from Mosaic my financial provider, but they were from Bath Plant wanting me to reply to the emails that would release the payment (which I didn't know at the time). The emails were stating “Congratulations on of your bathrooms and that I was happy and satisfied with the installations”. I read it and thought what! Our bathroom is not completed, I did not reply.

I told Julie that I was not going to because the statements were not true. That is when I was told that they would not be paid if I didn't. I again told Julie that I was not going to confirm because it was not true, about five minutes later the manager Dimitris Nacopoulos called trying to force me to reply to the emails and I also told him no, it's not true and that I wasn't going to say that it was. The manager said that he would send me a check for $500.00 that I could keep if or until the work was completed.

I said no that I did not want $500.00 (what is $500.00 in comparison to them receiving$19,500.00) dah! He then stated to me that I better reply to the email as soon as the installation was completed. The third visit was a man from Arizona Shower Door, Paul Rack came to measure for the 3/8-In. no-frame clear shower door, and as all the other companies stated that he could not do it.

Then he said that he wouldn't do it, that the way the door would be framed, every time we took a shower water would be all over the floor and that he didn’t want to come back over and over to try to fix it. He went on to say that his shower was the same as ours. Paul said that he could do a 1/4-In. semi-frame clear glass door.

I told him no, that was not what we wanted and that the only reason that we were doing this installation was for the no-frame clear glass door. I was so terribly upset, how they had lied to reel me in and did not tell me on the 16thor sooner whenever it was that they supposedly learned that Kevin lied to get my business. I believe that I was not told because they wanted to install the shower walls and the tub frame to obligate me to go forward with the contract. I will not belied to, swindled, deceived into paying Bath Planet any money, if they would have been honest with me, I would have told them, no thank you and sent them on their way as we did the other companies.

I spoke to Dennis on April 8th, I wanted to know what the resolve was because Bath Planet had breached our contract, Dennis stated that they could install the 1/4-In. clear semi door frame, I told Dennis no, that I wasn't going to pay $20,000 for a shower door that I already had, that I wouldn't be speaking to him because these transactions would have never happen if Kevin had been honest with me. Dennis said that he could take$1,500.00 off the cost. I told Dennis that I was not going to pay over $18,000 for a door that I didn't want or need!

I ask Dennis why his company did this tome?! Julie called later that evening, because I had received a text message, “Congratulating me on the completion of my bathroom remodeling for $14,000 and for me to respond yes”, again trying to get me to reply to the text message to release payment to them, which I feel is totally unethical, I told Julie that I wasn't paying them anything, that I had been lied to, scammed to do business with them, that they had breached the contract, and she said something like, okay we'll have to take you to court, I told her to do what she had to do. The facts of the contract when signed was that Kevin had lied and the contract had been breached, I should have been told prior to any installation, given the choice to continue with the installation or not. Kevin and the manager Dimitris Nacopoulos that I spoke to on the phone both stated how good their company was and had been in business for thirty years with no complaints.

I don’t believe them, they lied and have their customers signing false statements that were not true prior to completion and those poor customers had no choice, because they had sent the information in writing stating that the installation was completed and that they were satisfied. Thank God that I wouldn’t agree to that total lie, at the time they wanted me to sign, the installation was not finish, this is terrible, the very worst action that a company can do to their customers. My bathroom suite has been unusable since March the 4th, I need to find a company who can install a shower door so that we can use our shower again. I will not allow Bath Planet back in my house again.

I deeply appreciate that Mosaic does not release payment until their client has received full completion and satisfaction which at that time requires payment, I will never send a confirmation to pay Bath Plant.

The contract with Bath Plant was by lies and deception, the contract was breached since day one and is not honorable for payment or service which would have been denied if I would have been told the truth that Bath Planet could not install a frameless glass door to my suite. BATHPLANET IS OF NO INTEGRITY, a lien has been filed against my house, the fight is on!

User's recommendation: Don't ever use Bath Planet for any changes for your bathrooms!

Location: Bloomingdale, Illinois

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