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Thank you for taking the time to write this response letting our potential customers reading these reviews know that our Bath Planet dealer did resolve the issue you had. We appreciate your business and hope you are very happy with our products and service.
Bensley, Virginia

Please disregard MY posting regarding Bath Planet aka AAPCO aka eShield. As of September 10th, as you can see from my previous posting; I have continued to request removal of this complaint.

I have no grievance with Bath Planet Richmond, VA. This site refuses to honor my request despite them receiving my notarized letter and, my asking numerous questions as to what is the problem with my letter. I have received no answer from them. I refuse to defame this company.

As noted, the issues have been resolved between me and Bath Planet Richmond. Any problems from here on with this posting is due to this site's refusal to remove it. Give Bath Planet Richmond a chance. Your opinion will solely be yours.

I choose to never use this site again. I AM NO LONGER PISSED!!!


Reason of review: Fixed all the issued we discussed!.

Bath Planet Pros: That my issues were resolved.

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