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Thank you for writing Bath Planet Corporate to let us know about your installation concerns. Our dealers pride themselves on providing the best products and customer service in the bath remodeling industry. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Angela in Customer Care for further assistance.
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Update by user Feb 28

February 28, 2019 - Here we are in a New Year and the bathroom remains the same. Although Bath Planet did reach out to me, they told me to contact the new local Bath Planet location due to the fact the one I dealt with is now out of business.

I have done that and I must say the owner did come to my home to assess the problems and agreed that there are areas that are not done correctly. He then told me he contacted the Corporate Office, but to date I have no concrete solutions of my issues. I contacted Bath Planet again today, and we are still going around in circles.

I will keep you posted as to the progress of lack of as soon as it becomes available. Much frustration....should never have happened this way.

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2018

Contracted with Bath Planet in Freehold, NJ. The quote and the promises made by the estimator were fine and we went ahead and signed a contract in May for work to begin in early September.

The job entailed two bathrooms; one a total gut and the other a substantial update. By the first week of September, we had not heard back from them, so I called their office. She then scheduled our work to begin late September, early October. (Not what we had been promised).

A coordinator from Bath Planet contacted us just prior to the start date and said he had to measure. The measurements, video and all pertinent details were already done but we said sure, come over. He remeasured what was already measured and left. This told us that nothing had been ordered for our job to begin.

On the start date, the demo crew came over and that day, they did fine. Then we were told no one was coming the next day, but on the following day the paint/spackle crew would be here. They arrived and started spackling walls and ceilings and left for the day....with the window open. It was damp out.

The next morning they arrived and said they could not complete the work because the window was left open and the spackle did not dry. They would be here the NEXT day at 8:00AM. That day comes and by 10:30 no one arrived and we called the Office. Calling the office is another complaint because 9 times out of 10 no one answers the phone.

I left a message and about 1/2 hour later, the job scheduler calls and says what's wrong. Now it is after 11:00 and she tries to reach out to the crew and cannot get hold of them. So that day is now shot. She schedules someone else to complete the job and they do, but the job is absolutely terrible.

I could have done better. So another crew had to come and clean up the mess that was left. Frustration level is now 8 out of 10. Now comes the shower doors for the small bathroom.

The crew installs them and doesn't tell me that one of the doors is chipped at the bottom. They had put in the flooring and at the hallway where the two floors meet, they did not install the marble saddle that was promised to me and the floors are two different levels. The cabinet did not come in and we had to wait for that. They move onto the the master bath.

The cabinets were ordered incorrectly and one had to be returned and the one cabinet that was correct did not ship with doors. Now we find out that because of the Jewish Holiday, the factory was closed down for 2 weeks and you can not return nor get shipment of anything. So again, we wait. The shower stall was an oversized shower and we had ordered the insert with a texture.

Come to find out that you cannot have that size insert with texture because it shrinks the product 5 inches all around. So again, we have to wait for the product to be recut and resent. The flooring is put in in the master bath and we insisted on the marble threashold that was promised to us. In the meantime, the demolition work that was done destroyed door frames that never needed to be replaced, but now they have to.

The workers bringing product up and down the stairs dented, scratched and marked walls, doors, ceilings all along the way. Frustration level now at 11. Calling the office proved fruitless because, as I said, talking to an actual human is almost impossible. Days go by in between work spurts with no contact from the company.

We finally get a job foreman who takes over the task of cleaning up all of the messes caused by Bath Planet personnel. The work finally progresses and the 2 week job is not in it's 6th week with no real end in sight. The home stretch is installing the glass shower doors in the master. The crew comes over and cannot do the job because the glass is not the right size.

It has to be reordered again!!! A week later we are told the glass is in, and the chipped shower door from the guest bathroom is finally replaced and the marble threashold in that bath is installed with the level of the floor basically "hidden". The glass shower doors for the master bath are in, we are told, and will be installed in two days. Comes an unexpected snow storm and the installer will not do the job.

He comes the next day and does finish the shower and that all looks ok. In checking the walls and the ceiling in the master bath with the benefit of lighting, they are still not right. There are obvious pits and uneven work that can be seen by the naked eye. The guest bathroom had the water lines crossed and the cold was on the left/the hot on the right.

Not only that, but the water hot water line started leaking and in the middle of the night, water was pouring out of the cabinet and all over the floor. I shut off the valve only to realize that the shut off valve is half behind the installed cabinet and I had to get several wrenches to shut off the valve. At this point, I am livid!!! My husband and I changed out the water line and switched them where they belong.

This job cost us $25,000.00. Let me say that again...this job cost us $25,000.00 and not one thing was ordered on time or correctly and not one thing was installed or worked correctly. I couldn't be more displeased.

This was a very expensive job that we will be paying for the next 24 months. Not a good company and lousy customer relations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Planet Installation.

Reason of review: Bad work quality/poor customer service..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Bath Planet Pros: Shower is nice.

Bath Planet Cons: Customer service and workmanship and not returning phonecalls.

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