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Huntington Park, California

I'm a senior citizen with a heart problem. I'd saved the money I needed to have changes made to my bathroom in order to keep my independence for as long as possible. For the sake of my safety, I needed to replace the tub with a walk in shower. I did my homework carefully. I only got quotes from people who specialized in bathrooms. I didn't even consider general contractors. The only thing I didn't realize is that these national franchises can be a haven for amateurs and newly established companies with no history. My bad. That's what my BathPlanet was. I'll never deal with such a place again and I will surely warn others. I chose BathPlanet because I really liked John Via, the salesman. He's a very nice man. He made me believe in him. i thought he was honest. He was not.

They promised to respect my home and my time. They did neither. First of all, they were a day late getting started. When they removed the old toilet, I could not believe how they left the bathroom with a wide open, gaping hole for rats, mice, snakes, good size wild animals and the cold winds of winter to enter my home. This was the first week of February. I almost panicked when I saw it. Grown men should know better. I panicked and did the best I could do with what I had to secure my house for the night. It didn't help the fact I couldn't sleep for the nightmares I had all night long.

Come morning I was feeling very poorly and Will and his Dad were coming to work on my bathroom. I continued to feel worse and told them I was going to lie down on the couch in case they needed me for anything. First, I called my daughter to tell her how my heart was racing and how my whole body was so trembly. She came immediately and being a nurse, decided I had to get to the hospital as soon as possible. I called John Via to tell him I had to go to the hospital and did not wish to leave workers here alone. He asked me to find someone to stay with them. I did that. As it turned out, I was suffering from severe panic attacks brought on by stress.

When the shower was finally installed and I tried to use it, I had no access to hot water. I thought it was the newness of the faucet fixture and didn't want to turn it hard enough to break something. After days of horrid, shocking, cold showers, I called John Via and he came to take a look. The faucet fixture had a setting on it that had not been set.

While they were tearing out the old walls, they knocked the cover off the thermostat for my bathroom heater. I found it on the floor in the trash. I picked it up and put it on the vanity and told John about it. When they finished tearing out the walls in there, it was gone again. I told John immediately and asked that they look through the trash and try to find it. John was nice, as he always was. He said they might have to have something cut at a machine shop. I thought he would do it. I think he thought that too. Now I think he just lied because he never did it. What he did was take a plastic folder from his case and cut a piece from it to act as a cover. That's all I ever got from him on that.

In the meantime, they installed new toilets in the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. The one upstairs always worked fine. The one downstairs did not and has never worked properly. They worked with it and tried, even had a certified plumber to look at it. They even changed it out to a new one, the commode but never the tank. It still leaks inside the bowl on the right side and from about 8 of the jets that let the water into the bowl. It leaks 24 / 7. Not good for my water supply or my septic system. With my hard water, it also leaves hard to remove, streaks of rust stain at every leaky jet. It's not their fault I have hard water, but it is their fault I have a defective toilet. I had hoped the money I spent on my bathroom would make my life a little easier as I grow older. I haven't the strength or stamina required to do all that scrubbing. I'm sure the manufacturer had a bad lot of toilets. It happens.

The towel bar that was installed almost immediately fell off the wall. I let John Via, the installer on that day know about it. He put it back up with a comment that "My kind of wall was hard to put something up on and keep it tight." John Via also installed the toilets. I reminded him that I had had a towel rack there that had been there since the house was built and it had NEVER loosened. He had to agree. I still have to be careful with that towel bar. If I just pull a towel off of it, it will still fall off the wall.

You don't have to take my word for all of this. I know that John Via will admit that every word I have told you is true.

I have many copies of emails to verify my story and the time I had BarhPlanet in and out of my house. What should have been 3 days turned into weeks and weeks. It grew very tiresome. At the sight o them, I wanted to run and hide.

And about that warranty from the BathPlanet franchise? Guess who they forwarded my complaint to? Why, John Via, of course.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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