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We are happy to hear that our dealer resolved this complaint and that you are now 100% happy. Thank you for your business, we appreciate it, and apologize for the issue.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Update by user Nov 14, 2016

I called the owner of the company and we have worked things out.

He was not aware that I had spoken to his production manager, that the plumbing had been set up for an offset vanity basin or that I had gone out and purchased the vent cover.

It appears that the issue that prolonged resolution was an issue of internal communications.

I have also requested that this review be removed from this website.

Update by user Nov 01, 2016

10/20/16 I filed a complaint with the BBB. I have not heard back from the company yet to resolve the issue of the vanity top.I had ordered the vanity top to be offset but what was delivered was centered.

The sales person then told me that the offset order was not possible first due to the base cabinet and then the company that made the vanity top could not offset the bowl to fit the cabinet, but when I checked myself with the company that makes the vanity top I was told it was possible and would fit the base. I was angry because I felt I was lied to. The production manager called then and told me the company was NOT going to replace the vanity top because the contract did not state the bowl was to be offset. I called the owner who told me that it would cost $250 alone to get a plumber back in to install a new vanity top and that wasn't chump change.

I told him I paid $12,000. for this job and then he said he would call me when he got the BBB complaint. Apparently, because the salesman did not write the word "offset" on the order it's my fault that I didn't notice it; however, the description of the vanity top states only " rectangular", raised edge and the color. So from that limited information how is it that the depth was correctly 6 3/4 " rather than some other depth?

There were other depth choices but the depth choice was not noted on the contract. In addition, the installer wasted 1/2 day to remove the bathroom floor to the sub floor as I was told by the salesman was necessary in order to install the vanity base so I insisted upon it.. The contract clearly states the demo of 25 square feet and install of new floor was to be 19 square feet which implies the base cabinet was to be installed to the sub floor or I was losing 6 square feet of flooring. The installer tried to tell me it wasn't necessary but I believed the salesman who told me it was necessary over the installer until other things turned out to be wrong.

Now I see how the salesman mislead me. I accepted the wrong shower head, the shower rings instead of towel ring, the shower hook instead of the door hook, Glacier Bay toilet rather than the American Standard toilet and the fact that the medicine cabinet promised was not ordered because it was not written on the contract and i had to quickly find a medicine cabinet to fill the hole in the wall. The vanity base was supposed to be plywood but I accepted the particle board unit since it was high quality and did not have the kind of fumes that make me sick. The salesman told me if I didn't accept his apology and accept the wrong orders or he would be fired.

I almost let it all go, but then I began to think about paying $12,000. and getting so many wrong orders. Also, why would a salesman get fired for just 1 wrong order? The centered vanity top looks so obviously wrong and I am forced to stand to the side and twist my body to use it due to it's proximity to the bathroom door.

Since I filed the BBB complaint I purchased my own vent cover so the company would not continue to try to fit a floor register in the wall space. I have to assume the decorative piece missing from the bathtub faucet handle has not come in yet.

I know the company still has 3 more days to respond to the BBB complaint. I had expected a call back when the complaint was received by the company but no call has been received nor a message on my voicemail.

Update by user Oct 22, 2016

I finally spoke to someone in the company who was willing to listen to me and found out there had been some misunderstanding. Someone at the company thought I was rejecting a piece that was ordered when in fact the piece did not fit.

I was angry because I felt I was not being heard. Now we are working to resolve the issues.

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2016

Salesman:He told me that the job would start in 3-4 weeks and would take 3 days. (The guy that did the 2nd measure came out 3 weeks later and told me it would actually be 4-6 weeks from that day before the job would start and it would take 5 days). I called the production manager at week 6 and he told me jobs usually start in

6-8 weeks from the 2nd measure. When the job finally started after 12 weeks from the sales appt. I found out that sales forgot to order 1 major piece and ordered 2 major and 2 small pieces wrong. I am still waiting for 2 wrong parts. The salesman also told me the floor would be removed down to the subfloor and the bathroom sink base would be installed on the subfloor. That didn't happen. Sales also told me I would not be without a toilet for more than 3-8 hours. The installer was not told that. 2 of the pieces that were wrong had to be installed as it would have taken another 6-8 weeks to order the correct pieces. The sink was to be off set and came centered so now it does not match up with the medicine cabinet. I am asking for that piece to be reordered correctly.

Production manager: Scheduled the installer to do all the work alone, then failed to set up the appt. for the plumber to come out day 1. Then the production manager sent the installer out to start a new job before my job was finished. I called on day 7 and informed him that the work on my job needed to be finished. Now the installer is running from the other job to mine trying to get mine finished. A 5 day install has turned into 8 days so far and is still incomplete. Since the production manager schedules the installers he now has 2 jobs that I know of that are not being handled right.

I have only 1 bathroom and have now been without a bath or shower for 8 days. I have had to cancel medical appts. to accommodate the

the issues that have come up.

I still have to meet with the sales person again to take care of the reorders.

Installer: He was great. He did the best he could under the circumstances and stayed as late as he could each day he came out.

He made sure I had a toilet every night and corrected what he could

when he could. What has been done so far looks great. He was polite, patient and clean.

***Warning: Read your contract carefully and pay attention to details. Get every last detail in writing at the sales meeting. It may save you some headaches later.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Planet Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $78.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Bath Planet Pros: Product line, I like the shower enclosure, Variety of walls to choose from for shower.

Bath Planet Cons: Not returning several phone calls.

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