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Thank you for writing Bath Planet to express your concerns. We apologize that we weren't able to convey the value of our product to justify the price quote you received. We advise all of our Dealers to instruct their Design Consultants to provide customers with a written quote to the penny. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Jenny Carstensen for further assistance.
Manorville, New York
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First found this company on a promotion on living social. When we called to inquire about the promotion we were told that we couldn't have any answers or information about the product or service unless we had a consultation where a person would look at our bathroom and give us a quote...

well long story short right away i new the product wasn't for me when the man came, however he seemed friendly and was willing to hear him out. After a two hour "consolation" that turned into a presentation nothing to do with our bathroom... my fiancé and I realized we were suckers... we weren't getting a consultation on our bathroom rather a scam.

By the end of the night the man quoted us at almost 18 grand for just a shower! Mind you that was plastic not even trial or anything to brag about. After he was told this isn't for us he lowered the price, multiple times. We still patiently told him know that this was not what we thought we were sitting down for.

We did not realize we would have to make a decision that night to get that price... we had only begun or bathroom remodel options and we were not ready to do this just yet. He continued to pressure us and make us feel somewhat *** for not taking his offer. After kindly telling him know multiple times he then began to ask my fiancé and ignoring me as if my fiancé would say something different and maybe he could change his mind.

... hello no is no, at that point I started to get aggravated and told him that we were not doing this it was not a option. He continued to try and pressure us... I replied with you are pressuring us and I am asking you to leave now...

Sorry I had to kick the guy out however he was arrogant and a typical sales guy... wish i new what we were getting into before we invited him into our home...

Hope this is helpful for anyone thinking about checking this company out.. and after reading other reviews im happy with our choice due to their lack there of customer satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bath Planet Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just got a estimate today done and he did the same thing to me. Your not the only people this has happened to.

Was really pissed how he tried to say "you will save this much if you accept not" then you say no and he drops the price a little more and says the same.

You're rift if I called and just said a number they would probably do it. Hated the same day decision when they were the only person I have ever talked to.


Did he get your wife's number before or after you kicked him out?


Sounds like the sales guy almost closed your fiancé before you had a chance to put a ring on it. #crybaby


You recieved an education and comparison of all the different bath products on the market. As for the price drops, if you were a serious buyer, you would have negotiated your best price and made your decision that evening.

If you didn't like the product you could told the salesman up front and saved you both a great deal of time and frustration. Time is money and unfortunately everyone lost in this example.


Thanks, they lure you with a 1k discount win as the home show. No thanks I rather use a regular contractor or bath fitter.


Thanks for your comments. I think though you have taken the burden of dealing with this company, you are helping numerous others who may have encountered the same unpleasant experience if you did not have your comments posted.


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