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We apologize that our request for all homeowners to attend the appointment offended you. The only reason we asked that all homeowners attend the appointment is because every one of our bath systems is custom made. In order for us to leave you an exact price to the penny in writing, the homeowners have to pick out all of the colors, styles, designs, accessories, and hardware. In our experience, going out on so many free in-home consultations, we know that a number of questions always arise from both homeowners and we want to be able to answer those so each party knows that if you decide to contract with us there are no surprises. Any time we earn someone's business we strive for 100% customer satisfaction from all homeowners, not just the person who attended the appointment. We are sorry that we couldn't earn your business, and will do a better job explaining this to customers in the future.
Adrian, Michigan

Came across Bath Planet at a Home Show this past weekend. Very friendly informative young man really sold us on their products.

We made app. Then later read reviews from this website and wasn't very happy. But decided to let them come for a 2nd opinion. They called to verify app today March 16, 2016 for tomorrow evening and because I couldn't be home he wanted to reschedule because their policy is they like both spouses to be there!!

Seems shady to me, not a good way to run a business or get clients.

No worries easnt meant to be

Reason of review: Bad vibes.

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