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Thank you for writing Bath Planet to let us know about your concerns. Our dealers pride themselves on providing the best products and customer service in the bath remodeling industry. Our goal is to resolve the issue so you are 100% satisfied. Unfortunately, your review came to us as “anonymous” without any of your contact information so we are unable to contact you to remedy this situation. Please call our Corporate Office at 800-963-8827 and ask for Jenny Carstensen for further assistance.
San Jose, California

Their Bathroom Products are cheap and are complete Garbage for thousands!!! Dont Fall for this 1 day bathroom remodel Ripoff.

They showed the customers a picture of a bathroom and told them their bathroom would look like the picture. When it was all done the people were looking at the picture all pissed off. saying this looks nothing like this picture. And In Reality With What they were installing there was no way it was ever going to look anything like that picture.

I Needed a Job and Could'nt go back a second day to be part of screwing someone over they way they are!

I told the customers myself i wouldnt pay the bill when they told me how much they were paying for that junk.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #972397

Sounds to me like maybe you were asked to not come back.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #952506

All this happened in just 1 day at Bath Planet? Amazing!


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